On Limits

I’ve had the thought recently that I can’t come up with new or unique ideas. That my creativity is limited. I have this probable silly belief that my life is useless if I don’t contribute something special to the world. “Leave the world a better place than when you came into it” they tell us … More On Limits

A Painful Letter

Good day, I sincerely hope you’re in good health. I realize that you will likely never read this, but I need to get this off my chest. So, here goes everything… I fucking miss you, and I know I shouldn’t. I can count the number of people I’ve told about our relationship on one hand, … More A Painful Letter

On Caring

This is a topic I’ve debating on writing about for a while, but never really felt I could get the words out. So I’m going to word vomit all over the place, try to edit it later and see how it looks. I tried to include it in some of my other posts just to … More On Caring

On Fear

I love horror as a genre. Books, movies (when done right), and especially with video games. One game that has been at the back of my mind is Bloodborne made by From Software. Really this theme will be encompassing all of the Dark Souls series, plus Bloodborne. It seems to be that one of the … More On Fear

On Emotions

Emotions are hard. There’s no easy way to master an emotion, or even a consistent way to practice them. They all come on a whim and leave whenever they feel like, but not when you want them to. You can have too much of one emotion, or too little of another. Despite their numerous flaws, … More On Emotions

On Jack Brigham

On April 27th, I won the Jack Brigham scholarship at my school, Bakersfield College. I had heard some about this history professor from other faculty on campus who spoke highly of him, as well as a tribute made specifically for him that I attended on August 8th, 2016. At this tribute there were many speakers … More On Jack Brigham